Many excellent musicians have played in bands with Bob over the years so I have decided to create pages for some of them also.  Musicians that have played in bands with members of people that played in Bob's bands are also included here to share their experiences.  I hope to keep this ever expanding and think that this should be quite enjoyable.  Click on the band or artist title hyperlink at the beginning of each description to access their page(s). 

Freddi-Henchi Band  This is the site that I created that used to have the address  After over 8 years of being on the internet I have moved it here where it will remain permanently.  This site covers info, memorabilia, photos etc. from all time periods of their career of over 40 years in the music business.  I have not changed the original two pages that were on Bob's site that covered Bob's involvement in the seventies through the nineties.  There are links that you can follow to get you through all of the pages.  The link here will take you to what was the home page of the band and you can go from there.  When you get to the bottom of the last page there will be a link to check out the original two pages from this site if you haven't done so already.

Jerry Corbetta  Several pages of info that I created using memorabilia from my collection on the music career of Jerry Corbetta.  Also covered is some of his work in production, etc.

The Moonrakers  This band relates to Bob in several ways.  Members Van Dorn, Bob MacVittie, Bob Webber, and short time member Jerry Corbetta would all end up in Sugarloaf.  Van left Sugarloaf before Bob Yeazel joined.  Also, Moonrakers bassist Joel Brandes went on to manage Sugarloaf.  It is also worth mentioning that J. C. Phillips produced several of the tracks on the Moonrakers Together With Him album and went on to co-write "Green Eyed Lady" with Jerry Corbetta and David Riordan for the first Sugarloaf album.

The Moonrakers site is the first of the related artists that I have created.  It is its own individual site.  Clicking on the hyperlink for them will take you off of Bob's site.

Peter Johnson  Peter was in a band called Diamondhead with Bob shortly after Bob left Sugarloaf.  This band evolved into Brother Son.  Peter was in several other bands as well.   He appeared on recordings when he was with the Monocles and the Higher Elevation in the late sixties and early seventies that were released on Liberty Records and he was the leader of the bands; Ray's Status Seekers, Fat Emma, and Fingers.  From the songs I've heard he has become one of my very favorite keyboard players and vocalists.  His songwriting skills are excellent as well. 

The Monocles and The Higher Elevation  Rick Hull and Robb Casseday have been friends since their school days and were founding members of The Monocles.  Rick and Peter Johnson are very good friends also and have been since their days together in The Monocles and The Higher Elevation.  I'm sure you will find the interviews I did with them and their huge memorabilia collections to make some excellent pages. 

Marc Gonzales  These pages relate to the excellent bands that Marc Gonzales was in.  These include Brass Monkey, East Broadway Rundown, The Tom Slick Band, Offspring, Windfall and others.  It is the Windfall band that ties him in with Bob.  Marc, Bob Webber and Dick Whetstone were the founding members of Windfall.  Until now, not much has been known about what Bob Webber had been doing musically in the eighties and early nineties.  This should shed some light on the subject.  Dick Whetstone also ties in with this site by having played in Fingers with Peter Johnson.

The Wild Ones  This page is about drummer Roger Liston and his time with the mid-sixties band, The Wild Ones.  This band relates to Bob in that Ron Morgan was a member before joining Bob in Superband and The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band.  The Wild Ones opened for several big name acts including The Rolling Stones.

John Grove  John played in a band with Dominick Todero called The High Blues just prior to Dominick joining Beast.  He recently e-mailed and told me his story in brief.  I think you will find it very interesting.  He continues to perform to this day in an R&B/Blues/Funk band called Little Ricky & the Roosters based out of Pueblo.  

More To Come!


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