Jon Floth's drawing of Fat Emma for a show on 10/15/71

After working as a session man for some time, Fat Emma was formed.  This band existed in 1971-72.  

Here is the newspaper advertisement that goes along with the show mentioned above.

When Roger was with me in Fat Emma, that was a band.  We were the blues.  He was the blues all through and through.  It was March of '71 when I flew back from L.A. to here, four days after the earthquake.  I had casters on my bed and the bed was smashing into the walls and rolling all over the place. This is it, Armageddon.  We're gonna die.  In the morning they came and checked out my pipes to see if there were gas leaks and they ran over my cat and I watched it happen and I went, "Oh man, I'm going back to Denver.  I need a little more solid ground."  I went back to Denver and started playing with Jon Floth, and Roger Bryant and (we had) Bob Saunar on drums.  We played the Exodus a lot.  It was at 20th and Lincoln.  

Fat Emma in 1972: Peter Johnson - piano, Bob Saunar - drums, Roger Bryant - bass, Jon Floth - electric guitar.  Photos by Fat Emma soundman; Steve Deibel taken at The Library in Greeley, CO.  Thank you very much Steve!  You can see several more photos from this show and elsewhere by clicking here.

Below are two articles from The Straight Creek Journal commenting on the end of Fat Emma.  The articles appeared in the June 29, 1972 issue. (Note: The article on the left is missing the last line in the paper also.)

Click here, here, and here for clips of three live Fat Emma songs performed in 1972.

Sometime after June 1972 is when the short lived Diamondhead was formed with Bob Yeazel, Peter Johnson, Roger Bryant, and Galen Pew.  Some of their recordings are now available on CD.  Click here if you would like to hear a medley of songclips, or here to order the CD.  A bio picture of Diamondhead can be seen on the Brother Son page and is the cover of the CD booklet.  

That was a cool picture (meaning the Diamondhead bio).  That was off Larimer Square....I felt kind of bad that I made those guys carry around a real piano.  It was a baby grand...When we changed the name I remember it was Bob (Yeazel) that came up with the name in the back seat with me driving.  He just came up with Brother Son.  "Yeah, that's it.  That's it!"  Bob MacVittie was there and whoever else was with at the time. 

  Below are two pictures of Brother Son from a photo shoot they did at the Botanical Gardens.

(Bob MacVittie, Peter Johnson, Bob Yeazel, Jerry Krenzer, and David Williams)

Several more photos from this shoot as well as other photos and info can be seen on the Brother Son pages.  I asked Peter if he had any memories of Brother Son:  

It was one of my favorite bands to play in.  It was just really good music that we played.  We'd spend a lot of time in Warthog Studios.  Bob owned half of it and he just lived there.  We pretty much lived there too.  Just turn on the tape and record stuff.  We made a lot of recordings.

You can hear a song recorded at the Skunk Kreek Inn by clicking here.  Several more Brother Son live sound clips can be heard by scrolling to the bottom of Brother Son page 2.

After playing together for well over a year Bob and Peter's music styles were heading in different directions so in February 1974 Peter left Brother Son, which brings us to Rhonda Rhinestone - Pearl LaMee & the Backstreet Revue. 

This was a band we put together mainly to make some quick money.

Click here and here for some recordings from this period.

(left to right, back: John, Rhonda Rhinestone (Kathy Wilkins), Terry McLanahan, front: Dick Whetstone, Pearl, Peter)

Accompanying the article in Metro is a shot of Peter wearing the pants shown below.  The pants are in a frame with the above picture from the article.  I asked Peter the story behind them: 

They started in Aurora in '66.  At the end of '67 I moved to L.A.  I was a disc jockey in La Junta, CO for awhile.  I was a bad boy (in that picture) I was actually taking a roach and passing it to my other finger because it was getting too small.  I thought I was going to burn my finger.  Somebody asked me that one time.  Were you doing what I think you're doing? Yeah. (laughs) All these patches came from different girls over the years.  My youngest son still can't fit in them so I was pretty hungry in those days.  That was December 1974.   

The article said you had just begun Fingers at that time and that the name was still tentative and that they would be ready to play in January.  

Really, wow, I remember in 1976 Fingers was on a roll.  We were really getting hot then and it lasted through 1979 and part of '80.  It was '81 when I quit playing and in '82 I turned 32 and we had Nathan.

Click here for a beautiful "Summer Song" clip.


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