"I Want to Dance, Dance, Dance" b/w "Funky to the Bone" credited to Freddie/Henchi and the Soulsetters on The Record Company 102.  This is the original release of this single from 1972 on The Record Company.


"Funky to the Bone" b/w "I Want to Dance, Dance, Dance" credited to Freddi/Henchi and the Soul Setters on Reprise 117.  In 1973, Reprise chose to edit "Funky to the Bone" and release that as the A-side rather than "I Want to Dance, Dance Dance".

Above is the Dance LP by Freddi/Henchi & the Soulsetters recorded in 1972 on The Record Company 1001.  It is a great album and received mention in an issue of Billboard Magazine's New Releases in January 1973.

In 1974, another single was released on Reprise.  It is the non-LP 45 of "Moonlightin'" b/w "Mr. Funky."  It is credited to Freddi and Henchi on Reprise 1207.

In 1975, another single was recorded and released credited to Freddi and Henchi.  This was "Cartoon People" b/w "Try To Get To Know Me" on DJM 1002.  Below is the Billboard trade magazine advertisement for it.

The Freddi-Henchi Band recorded several tracks from 1979-81 with Jeff Guercio at Caribou Ranch that have never been released.  That is unfortunate as these tracks are excellent and would have fit in perfectly with the music at the time.  

They also put together a CD in 1996 called Get Up, Get Off It with the back cover shown above. 

On January 24, 2006 a CD compilation of Arizona Soul music was released on Dionysus Records.  On it are four tracks from the sixties and early seventies by The Freddi-Henchi Band.  The tracks are: "Funky To the Bone," "I'm Just a Nobody," "Soul Train," and "Cecil, the Unwanted French Fry."  One song by the band differs on the LP from the CD.  "Biscuits and Buttermilk" appears on the LP in place of "Cecil, the Unwanted French Fry."  Below is a scan of the CD booklet.  The liner notes include an essay on the artists by John Dixon.  You can purchase a copy from Amazon by clicking here.

In 2010, Crown Princes of Funk: The Last Set was released on CD.  It is a compilation of most of the recordings the band made that were released from the beginning through 1975.  The enhanced CD also includes a video of the band on The Real Don Steele TV show from 1975, and a previously unreleased recording of a song called "I'm Your Friend."  It is available on Amazon by clicking here.

Released May 22, 2012 on the Wind Hit label is a new compilation CD of Various Artists produced by Hadley Murrell.  The Sultans of Soul is a follow up to The Soul Side of the Street and includes two extremely rare, previously unreleased recordings by Freddi/Henchi & The Soulsetters from the early seventies.  The first track is "I Am Somebody," written by Freddy, Henchi & Larry Wilkins.  It is a tribute to the well known chant by Reverend Jesse Jackson.  The second is called "Mama Told Me To Watch Out."  It was written by Freddy and Larry and is a tribute to The Allman Brothers.  There are 18 tracks in all, packaged in a very nice booklet with informative liner notes and many photos.  It is available on Amazon by clicking here.

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