Above we have a couple of really nice Sugarloaf action shots of Jerry Corbetta on piano and Bob MacVittie on drums from the collection of Bob MacVittie.  Thanks Bob!

The above poster was given to Bob Yeazel by Bob MacVittie at one of the rehearsals for The Moonrakers reunion in August.  It is from August 15, 1971 in Salem, Oregon.  Here is the story from Bob MacVittie: 

The poster for the date in Oregon is one of two or three we did in Oregon on our first national tour off of "Green Eyed Lady." It consisted of Washington and Oregon dates. In Oregon, there had just been some flooding and the National Guard armory shows were moved to other venues. One (I believe it was this one) was moved to a drag strip. It was the most unusual date I was ever involved with save facing a sawed off shotgun in Hawaii. The drags were scheduled the same night. So we were invited to attend and then play afterwards. Little did we know that we were going to be allowed to be right in the inner area by the start line. What a ball we had. We were within spitting distance of the cars as they took off. The earth rumbled and the tires smoked as they moved off. They didn't just go fast, but actually got smaller very fast. It was one of the most amazing, exciting experiences of my life.

As to the particular calendar date. We went from Oregon to Washington.  I don't remember the exact dates, but the sequence of dates ended in Hoquiam, WA. It is a small town on the shore of Puget Sound. The old over-the-road bus we had bought had not been running very well. Bob got the call the morning after this date that Pam was in labor. We got everyone up, got on the bus hoping we didn't breakdown on the way to the Seatac Airport. The bus ran like a charm and we dropped Bob off just in time for his flight. We then headed home for Denver.  Later that day or the next it lost it's rod bearings and we had to wait two or three days in La Grange, Washington for a new crank shaft to be shipped in from the coast. We always thought that the old bus knew Bob had to make his flight for the birth of his daughter and gave it one last shot before giving it up.

Above is a copy of a Bob Masse handbill for a concert performed on August 12, 1971 with the Seeds of Time and Sunshyne.  Unfortunately the original was lost in the mail.  

Above is an interesting handbill for what I'm sure would have been three excellent shows.  The third featured Sugarloaf as the headliner on August 27, 1971. The drawings each relate to the individual concert.  In the bottom right you can see the "loaf" stating the ticket prices. 

A few days after the above concert, at the start of Labor Day weekend, Sugarloaf played a show with Quicksilver Messenger Service, and Ballin' Jack.  It was on Saturday, September 4, 1971 at the Henry Levitt Arena in Wichita, KS.  Below is a concert poster from the event.

Below we have two pages out of the Sugarloaf concert itinerary, which included the Cleveland Agora Club.   These are from October 1971.  The group rarely had a day off while on tour.  Click here for a radio advertisement for one of their concerts.

A used ticket from a show at the Stokely Athletic Center at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville from November 6, 1971.

Above is a poster for a show that took place on May 2, 1972.  In the center is a photo of Sugarloaf that I have never seen elsewhere.

Above is a handbill from what would have been one of the last shows that Bob played with Sugarloaf.  It is from June 3, 1972 at Sunken Gardens in San Antonio, TX.  Also mentioned in the top left corner is a show they would put on two days later.  The bleed through that you see is for sponsors shown on the back side.  A very interesting side note on this is that the group Blackbird, that opened for Sugarloaf on this night and the following night, features a very young Stevie Ray Vaughan.

After going through several personnel changes in Sugarloaf during the seventies, Jerry Corbetta decided to disband his group and go solo around 1977.  He has since put together, on very rare occasions, a Sugarloaf reunion performance.  Below are pictures from the first Sugarloaf reunion concert at the Colorado Cream Festival which took place in Denver on June 12, 1985.

From the left is Bob Yeazel on guitar, Bryan Grassmeyer on bass, Larry Wilkins on guitar (facing the bassist), Jerry Corbetta on keyboards, and Kathy Wilkins.  Hidden behind the bass player is original Sugarloaf drummer, Myron Pollock. 

Bill Boerder performed at the festival that day.  He was in a band put together by Mike Kearns (formerly with Bob in Beast) that opened for Sugarloaf.  The name of the band was Sleeping Gypsy, which included Mike, Bill, Pam Yeomans, Mark Kincaid, and Pat ?  I'd like to thank him for contacting me with this information, which included informing me who played bass for Sugarloaf on that day.  The concert was put together by Skye Griffith of Skyline Productions.

Check out some video footage of this show below:


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