I have recently been in communication with Steve Deibel, who was the soundman for Fat Emma; the band Peter Johnson formed with Roger Bryant, Jon Floth and Bob Saunar in 1971-1972.  This was just prior to Diamondhead and Brother Son.  Steve has sent me several of the photos he took of the band while he was working with them.  You can see some of these photos along with other items pertaining to the band by clicking here.  There will also be a link to another page of photos of the band on that page.  I'd like to thank him very much for sharing these photos with us!  (12/05/18)



Ten years ago today, on 08/08/08, Jerre and I visited Bob at his house.  We always had a great time when we would get together and it would often end up being an all-nighter.  On this particular day he gave us a special performance on acoustic guitar of several rare songs from the large repertoire of songs he had written over the years.  He concentrated mainly on Diamondhead, Brother Son and Sugarloaf songs, but he also included rarities like “Watch Yourself” that was recorded by The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band after he left.  He also sang a song that he wrote and sold to The Livin’ Ends in 1967 called “Jolyn”.  He played a song called “Set the Sails” that he wrote while in Sugarloaf that was never recorded, and he played a song from 1964 when he was in a group called R Gang.  Bob and I spent many, many hours talking music over the years but this is the only time he ever mentioned this group.  Does anyone have any knowledge of the group R Gang, or know who any of the other members were? 


This goes out to Bob's sister Joyce.  He wrote it on the spot on the day of her wedding, and sang it for them during the wedding.  It's called, "Without a Woman".  He never professionally recorded it. 


He was nice enough to come over and play some songs for us for my birthday this particular night.  He came straight to Fort Collins after working all day in Denver.


Jerry Corbetta, founding member, lead singer and keyboard player for Sugarloaf passed away on September 16, 2016 after a long illness.  He was an excellent musician, a good friend and so much more.  He will definitely be missed.


Above photo taken by Les at Waterfest in Oshkosh, WI on July 31, 1997..  

Jerry's mom had passed away on this day but he still put on an excellent performance with the Classic Rock All Stars.  Much more information about Jerry's career can be found on the pages on this site by clicking here.


I would like to thank everyone that came out to Bob's Memorial Picnic on July 24th.  It was a nice gathering and a fun time!

(11/1/46 - 6/9/16)
Photo taken by Les at The Little Bear in Evergreen, CO on 10/21/01.

You were definitely one of a kind.  A great musician, a great guy and a hell of a lot of fun!  You played a big part in so many people's lives.  We will always love you and miss you, brother.  Rest in Peace.

Here are some quotes from friends of Bob:

Myron Pollock: This news is certainly shocking. Bob has had a profound influence on my music career. Just to have shared a stage with him was an honor. So many gone to soon. Rest in peace my friend. Thoughts and prayers are with your family. You will continue to live in our hearts with your music.

Kenny Passarelli:  Bob was my first mentor, I learned my first lessons about songwriting from Bob. Great guitar player, you will be missed but not forgotten Bob..

David Raines:  I'm so terribly saddened to learn this. So many extraordinary musicians lost this year and the earth has lost another 'great'.  Tonight the sky cries...

Roger Bryant:  Go with God Robert Devon Yeazel.  Be at peace my brother.  Bob and I didn't always see eye to eye on a lot of things, but when it came to music we could read each other's minds, and that took years of playing together.  We always respected the music, she was our mistress.  

Bobby Pickett:  Many in the music world and world in general will never know the magnitude of the loss they have suffered from the loss of Yeazel.  Yeazel was my road buddy and roommate in Sugarloaf.  We had some great times together and did some crazier things together.  I wish I could go back to my last time with him just for a day. 

Richard Whetstone:  Sad news. RIP Bob, you will be missed.

Denny Flannigan:  So sorry to hear of Bob's passing.  Best thoughts to family and close friends.  That band in the sky just got a killer guitar player and songwriter!! Not a guy you easily forget. RIP brother! 

Larry McLurg:  Very sad to hear this.

Richard Reeder:  R.I.P. Bobby! 

George Hubert Lawhorn:  Thanks Les for all that you do.  Bob was a long time friend and it was always fun to play shows with him. R.I.P.

Aaron Raymond:  RIP Bob!!! I'll never forget the Sugarloaf rehearsals in our backyard when I was growing up!!!

John Grove:  Bob will surely be missed! Not a great year for music. 

Glenn Baren:  RIP Bob Yeazel..Great player & one big personality.  I remember you well...play on in the sky sir.

John Leibundgut:  Sad news indeed. RIP. He left us many years of memories.

Rick Hull:  God Bless you Bobby

Robb Casseday:  Sorry to hear!

Mike Stelk:  Sad news to read this morning. He was such an interesting person. Thank you for the work you've done helping bring his musical journey into the light.


Bob Raymond
(3/04/46 - 2/11/16)

It is with much sadness that I report the passing of Sugarloaf bass player, Bob Raymond.  He was a founding member of Chocolate Hair, which changed their name to Sugarloaf prior to the release of their first recordings.  Bob was responsible for the killer bass line on “Green Eyed Lady” and remained with the band until the end.  He was 69. (02/12/16)

Bob Y: Yeah, Bob Raymond is the first of us to pass.  Sad, he was a real gentleman. 


It's a sad day for our Sugarloaf family.  Darian MacVittie, the son of drummer Bob MacVittie, passed away from natural causes this week.  We are devastated and share our deepest sympathy for the entire family.  Bob Y. (01/29/16)


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