The first professional band Bob was associated with was The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band.  He toured with this group for several months before leaving to form Superband.  The group cut one of his songs titled, "Watch Yourself," which appears on their third LP,  A Child's Guide To Good and Evil.  The song is listed as the last track on Side One, but is actually the first track on Side Two.  

An original Reprise copy of this LP (shown above) is very hard to find in any condition and is very expensive.  Fortunately this classic psychedelic music is now available on CD from Sundazed.  It comes complete with extensive liner notes and two excellent bonus tracks.  Pick up a copy and find out more about Bob's involvement with this band.

Above is a picture of Bob while a member of the West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band.

Below is an extremely rare poster for a concert when Bob was performing with them in 1967.  Drugs were definitely "in" at the time.


footnote:  This was my first exposure to "the big time".  I met a great guitar player and future great friend, Ron Morgan who was back in Colorado from L.A.  Along with my bandmate and bassist Roger Bryant, we went back with him to join a recording group Ron had previously worked in called The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band.  We got off the plane at LAX like the wide eyed kids we were, hopped into a Jaguar Sedan and went to Markley's big house in Trousdale Estates above Hollywood.  I ended up burning Markley's couch up and almost his house (accidentally of course) but for some reason he kept me on board.  We were right in time for "the summer of love" 1967, and the Sunset Strip was going through the "Lizard King" magic that the L.A. police soon put an abrupt and violent halt to.  We played the 1967 Teen Age Fair where we played 12 hours a day for 10 days in a row.  We got breaks between shows, but it was a surrealistic tape loop of a grind and really burnt us out.  This period is where I was first introduced to speed (methamphetamine) and we needed it!  We had free gear from Vox and played all over the country opening up for The Byrds, Moby Grape, Iron Butterfly, Canned Heat, and a plethora of Strip crawling bands that made it to the big time by default.  It was fun and the taste of playing to big crowds was delicious.  Jimmy Greenspoon (later of Three Dog Night fame), Ron Morgan, Roger Bryant and myself eventually went back to Denver together and formed "Superband".  I am working on a book which will relate our adventures in more graphic details. B.Y.

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