Robb:  There's our hearse.  I was driving this puppy to Denver one day and we were out here on I-25 and we had that thing loaded to the hilt with all our gear.  I was driving about 80 mph and blew a front tire and man that car started fishtailing.  I just swerved back and forth and I just kept ridin' it and didn't panic and brake hard, and I rode that thing out until it came down to a slow enough speed that I could brake and pull over to the side of the road.  I tell you we should have all been dead.  That slowed me down.  That was the scariest thing we'd gone through.  Our first hearse was a '54 Cadillac and then we got a '56.  We decided it would be part of the act and gave us a little notoriety, plus it held all of our gear.  I would drive the gear to the gigs and usually take somebody in the front seat with me.  It was a comfortable ride.  Even as old as it was it had air stabilizers in it to keep it stable for loading and unloading coffins.