Pictured above is an original concert postcard for two shows that Superband performed with Quicksilver Messenger Service and The Charlatans in September 1967, at The Family Dog in Denver.  These postcards were sometimes distributed to let people know of the upcoming events.  This one is known in the collecting world as "HAW HAW" and is referred to as FD-D-2-OPC-A.  Artwork is by Michael Ferguson and George Hunter.  Previously pictured on this page was the original full size poster for these shows that is identical other than it being larger.

 footnote:  This was a band that Jimmy Greenspoon, Ron Morgan and I started after we defected from the West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band.  I talked Jimmy into checking out Colorado and getting out of the L.A. scene for a while.

l. to r. Bob Yeazel, Roger Bryant, Jimmy Greenspoon, Myron Pollock

Here are some publicity photos of Superband taken outside The Exodus club.


Here is a shot of Myron Pollock behind his drum kit.  He would go on to be a founding member of Chocolate Hair, which changed their name to Sugarloaf.  He played on all of the tracks on the self-titled Sugarloaf LP except "Green Eyed Lady."  He later returned and appeared on the "Don't Call Us-We'll Call You" LP.  I'd like to thank him very much for contributing all of the Superband photos!

Above is a shot of Jimmy Greenspoon at his piano.  Jimmy would later go on to be a founding member of Three Dog Night and is still with them to this day.  

Below are shots from another photo session that took place inside the cavern at The Exodus.


l. to r. Bob Yeazel, Jimmy Greenspoon, Roger Bryant kneeling, Myron Pollock in back and Ron Morgan sitting

Ron would also go on to be a founding member of Three Dog Night, leaving before they made any recordings.  He later recorded and performed with The Electric Prunes.  Roger later recorded and performed with Bob in The Beast and with Diamondhead.

Below is the first single Bob ever recorded.  He and Jimmy Greenspoon wrote the songs, "Acid Indigestion" and "I Ain't Got Nobody."  Jimmy's fine keyboard playing is very evident on "Acid Indigestion."  If you would like to hear clips of the songs, please click on the titles below the record.





At this recording session (@ 3 hrs. for both tunes-all tracks), Ron didn't show up because he got sick and I was thrust into being a lead guitarist (which I was totally unprepared for at this point in my career and struggled at greatly).  There are many more "Superband" stories in Jimmy Greenspoon's autobiography "One Is The Loneliest Number."  B.Y.

Below is an advertisement for the Superband single contributed to the site by Michael Stelk.  

Click here for some Superband stories from Jimmy and Bob.


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