Bob joined Sugarloaf in 1970 shortly after "Green Eyed Lady" had been recorded. While touring extensively, they found the time to record Sugarloaf's second LP, Spaceship Earth in late 1970.  The majority of the songs from this LP were written or co-written by Bob.

The following is a description for an auction listing for the Sugarloaf Spaceship Earth LP from a man in London:  Fantastic and largely overlooked heavy prog band utilizing lashings of spooky Hammond organ and keenly competitive fuzz tone guitar. Superb progressive arrangements that don't lose sight of the songs themselves...I'm surprised that Sugarloaf haven't been lauded as one of the best prog acts of the era like some other groups from this period. 

Above is the front and back cover of Spaceship Earth. 


On the left are the inner gatefold photos.  The LP first hit the charts on February 13, 1971.  Two singles were released from it; "Tongue in Cheek" and "Mother Nature's Wine."  Find out more about them by clicking on their links on the Site Map

Below is the review that was featured in Billboard Magazine on February 6, 1971.



The inner sleeve for the LP included the lyrics on one side, and these individual  pictures (shown above) of the band members on the other.  Early copies of this album featured the lyrics printed in brown, and came with a newspaper type insert (shown below with the box set.)  Later copies had the lyrics printed in black.

Below is a review of the Spaceship Earth LP that appeared in the April 2, 1971 edition of Head Lite Review and Directory.  This was a very good 12 page magazine given away at head shops that kept you up on the latest releases, some humor, and a bit of political content.


Above is an unusual promo for the Spaceship Earth album on a Top 40 Albums survey from 96 FM KADI in St. Louis.  This is from April 30, 1971.  FM was relatively new at the time.  It is also rare to see an albums survey without any mention of singles.  Four Way Street by C. S. N. & Y. was #1 at the station this week.

Here is a great shot of Jerry Corbetta and Bob MacVittie at a radio station promoting the Spaceship Earth LP.  The photo is from Bob MacVittie's personal collection.  He said he believed the DJ in the chair was Russ Rhodes.  I'm not sure who is holding the LP.  Thank you very much for the photo, Bob.


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