The promotional box set for the Spaceship Earth LP was an elaborate one.  It came with several items unavailable elsewhere, including this poster of the group on Sugarloaf Mountain.

Also included in the promo box were all of the items shown below.  The box had a special die cut for viewing the members faces on the front of the LP.

Along with the small Sugarloaf card calendar shown with the set on the bottom right, you also received this poster calendar for the year 1971.  The album cover is pictured to the right of August on the poster.


As with most recordings of the day, Spaceship Earth was also available on cassette and 8-track tapes.  Below is a fine specimen of a nearly extinct form of this album.  Also, people that bought the 8-track became familiar with this album in a very different sequence than what the listeners of the LP were accustomed to hearing.  Note: Spaceship Earth does not appear on the mailbox.

Back in the seventies it was not uncommon to find 8-track tapes for sale at unusual places.  You would often see a small rack of them in gas stations, Mom & Pop stores and many places where you wouldn't expect to find them, just hoping to catch the impulsive buyer that would like to hear a new tape on their way home, or wherever they might be going.  The titles would be varied, and very often times you would find a mixture consisting of off title legitimate releases and a large amount of counterfeits.  In my area they were usually $3.95 each, which was a good price at the time.  Below is a perfect example of a sealed, counterfeit copy of Sugarloaf's Spaceship Earth.

Speaking of extinct forms of music, pictured below is the Spaceship Earth 4-track reel-to-reel along with the back cover of the box that it came in.  The front of the box uses the same picture as the LP cover (with Spaceship Earth on the mailbox).  The track order is the same as the LP also.  Included in the box with the tape was a postcard offer for a free one-year subscription to TAPE-LOG courtesy of STEREOTAPE! (no postage required).

One more rarity to be added to this page is an Armed Forces Radio LP that features 4 tracks from Spaceship Earth on one side, and 6 tracks from the Spirit LP Twelve Dreams of Dr. Sardonicus.  This LP came housed in a "brown paper bag."


On March 15, 1971 a photo and article on Sugarloaf appeared in ROCK, a magazine based out of NYC that was similar to Rolling Stone.  Above is the photo.  Please click on it to read the article.

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