For all fans of the Greeley, Colorado groups The Monocles and The Higher Elevation, I would like to mention that an Anthology CD of their music has been released on Gear Fab Records.  It is called The Spider, The Fly, and The Boogie Man.  On it are 31 rare tracks, many of which are previously unreleased.  It includes all of The Monocles and The Higher Elevation singles like the very sought after "Psychedelic (That's Where It's At)" and "The Spider and the Fly," both of which sell for pretty big bucks if you can find a copy.  It is definitely an interesting compilation CD and is a project that I spent a considerable amount of time working on.  It can now be purchased from Amazon. (05/25/08)

Recently released is a 2CD set that should be of interest to people checking out this site.  It's called Psychedlic States Colorado in the Sixties.  This double CD is full of rarities, several of which pertain to this site.  Included is Bob's very first recording--"Acid Indigestion" by Superband, along with other extreme rarities by The Monocles, The Higher Elevation, The Poor, The Soothsayers, and many more.  It also contains a previously unreleased track by The Moonrakers.  Forty-eight tracks in all.

You can purchase this release from Amazon by clicking here. (09/10/07)

Get Ready To Fly is now available!  It is one of three volumes of tracks from the vaults of Norman Petty Studios as compiled by Alec Palao.  This is the first to be released in the series.  It includes a track written by Bob and recorded by The Livin' Ends.  The Livin' Ends performed several shows with The Beast in the late sixties.  Their version of Bob's song "Jolyn," appears on CD for the first time on this release.  They are also featured on the front cover.  This version of "Jolyn" includes an extended intro, part of which was edited out of the 45 release.  Bob has never recorded the song himself so this is a real treat!  All three volumes will be available soon from www.acerecords.com.  To read more about this release, click here.  To order it from Amazon, click here.  

The songs are excellent, the liner notes are very in-depth, and the sound quality is absolutely incredible!  If you like sixties rock and especially if you are a fan of fuzz guitar and/or psychedelic keyboards, you will love this CD!   

Read on for more about the next release in this series:

This CD is the second of three volumes of compilation CDs from the vaults of Norman Petty Studios as compiled by Alec Palao.  Included on this one is an unreleased gem by The Monocles who are pictured on the front cover.  "Let Your Lovin' Grow" was recorded on December 20, 1965 with the original lineup pictured above.  From left to right is; Jon Floth, Kevin McIlhenny, Don Hirschfield, Robb Casseday, and Rick Hull.  Other Colorado artists appearing on the CD are The Teardrops and The Trolls.  

Alec did a spectacular job on these releases and has gone to great lengths to put the compilations together.  The booklets feature excellent, in depth liner notes about the songs--often including recollections from the artists involved in the recordings.  Let's support this excellent series! You can order it from Amazon by clicking here.  More information about the CD can be found by clicking here. (04/24/07)

Just added is a page relating to Bob MacVittie's Art of Rock exhibit now taking place in Springdale, Arkansas.  I was there at the beginning for the opening night and it was a great time.  He has an excellent collection, all of which is available for sale.  Inquiries are welcome.  Click here for the Art of Rock page.  (11/22/06)

Recently added to the site is a Sugarloaf poster from August 15, 1971 where they performed with War at the Salem Armory.  Ironically they had performed with War exactly one year prior to this date also.  It is a great item, and the story that Bob MacVittie told me that goes along with the poster is an interesting one.  You can check this out by going to the Site Map and clicking on Concerts page 4 or by clicking here. (10/30/06)

Recently added to the site is a mock up for a bio of Brother Son from just after Peter left the group.  This is an extremely rare item that comes from the personal collection of Bob MacVittie.  You can see this by going to the Site Map and clicking on the Brother Son 2 link, or by clicking here and scrolling to the bottom of the page. (08/18/06)

Recently added is a survey from 96 FM in St. Louis.  It's from April 30, 1971 and it has an unusual promo for the Spaceship Earth LP.  This particular survey was for albums only.  You can view this by going to the Site Map and clicking on Spaceship Earth, or by clicking here.  Also today, I have divided the Spaceship Earth page into two pages as it was getting far too large. (08/02/06)

Recently added is a new page in regards to the Fingers performance on 12/31/75 with Freddie Cannon in Fairbanks, Alaska.  Also added were a couple of new photos to the Fingers page.  These are all from the collection of Peter Johnson.  You can access the Fairbanks page from the Fingers page, or by clicking here. (07/29/06)

Last week I heard from Robert Morgan, brother of the late Ron Morgan.  Ron played in The Leather Souls, Superband, and The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band with Bob.  He also played in the Electric Prunes.  Robert has put some pages together on his website as a tribute to his brother.  Unfortunately these pages have now been removed by Robert.  (05/15/06) (Updated 6/16/10)

At least one of The Monocles hearses lives on and still bares the name and logo.  I was recently contacted by the current owner who sent me some pictures and the story behind how he acquired it.  It is now the official band vehicle of The Ghastly Ones, a group out of Los Angeles that plays sixties garage/surf related music.  I have put together a page relating to this that is quite interesting.  You can check it out by going to The Monocles link on the Related Artists page, or by clicking here. (04/26/06)

Just in is a Sugarloaf photo and article from the March 15, 1971 issue of a magazine called Rock.  It is an excellent magazine out of New York that was similar to what Rolling Stone was at the time.  You can check this out by going to the Site Map and clicking on the Spaceship Earth link or by clicking here.  It is at the bottom of the page. (04/03/06)

Just in are some excellent photos from two different photo sessions of Superband from the personal collection of Myron Pollock.  You can view these photos by going to the Site Map and clicking on Superband or by clicking here.  Thank you very much Myron! (02/23/06)

Yet another unusual copy of Spaceship Earth has been unearthed.  This is unique in that it is a 12" Armed Forces Radio LP with 4 cuts from Spaceship Earth on one side, and 6 cuts from Spirit's Twelve Dreams of Dr. Sardonicus.  Even more ironic is the fact that when Randy California disappeared it was Bob that was asked to replace him.  Unfortunately Bob was unable to at the time.  You can view this LP by going to the Site Map and clicking on the Spaceship Earth link or by clicking here.  It is located at the bottom of the page. (01/30/06)

A small group of Jerry Corbetta and Sugarloaf fans and friends received a unique treat Saturday night, January 21, at Nissi's in Lafayette, CO.  Jerry put on a "Storytellers" performance with G. Brown, author of Colorado Rocks  interviewing him.  The crowd was given insight on many songs starting with the days of Sugarloaf and continuing up to the present with the Classic Rock All Stars.  Jerry played some titles that he has rarely if ever performed in public that he wrote and produced for other artists.  Also, joining him onstage for what I believe was the first time since the Sugarloaf reunion in 1985 was Bob Yeazel for an impromptu performance of "Tongue in Cheek."  Hopefully this will happen again.  

More photos from this event can be seen by clicking here. (01/23/06)

Remember the old record club advertisements you would find in practically every magazine ever published in the seventies?  I've just added one for The Record Club of America to the site from a magazine published in 1971.  This club offered both of the Sugarloaf albums on Liberty in the same ad.  You can check this out by going to the Site Map and clicking on Miscellaneous, or by clicking here. (11/17/05)

Just in is an unbelievable find.  It is a red vinyl LP of Spaceship Earth from Japan.  It is an original white label Liberty Records pressing from 1971.  Some of you probably have already seen the red vinyl 7 inch 45 of "Tongue in Cheek" on the Foreign Pressings page.  The Spaceship Earth LP can now be found on that same page directly below it. (10/14/05)

Bob was having a fun time performing with the Freddi-Henchi Band at the Boulder Fall Festival on September 24.  I have just added a page of photos from that night to the Freddi-Henchi Band website.  You may see them by going to their website: www.fhband.com   Please be sure to return. (09/29/05)

Robb Casseday and Rick Hull of The Monocles recently attended their High School Class Reunion.  While Rick was in town, we were able to get together for a barbecue on August 10.  It was a great time.  Here is a shot of them ready to sign a couple of bio photos.  Framed in the background is Rick's sheet music and 45 of The Higher Elevation's "Here Comes Sunshine."  More information on The Monocles and The Higher Elevation can be found on the Related Artists section of this site or by clicking here. (08/16/05)

A handful of people were treated with a very pleasant ride on a friend's boat at Horsetooth Reservoir in Fort Collins Saturday, July 30, 2005.  We anchored at a cove where Bob entertained us with an unplugged performance.  A great time was had by all on a beautiful summer afternoon and evening. (08/01/05)


Above is a photo of Bob kicking ass on guitar Saturday, July 23, with the Freddi-Henchi Band.  Just added to the Freddi-Henchi website are several photos from that night.  It was a great show and a great time.  You can view the photos by clicking here.  Don't forget to come back as clicking on that link will take you off this site.

Also that night I was very pleased to meet Myron Pollock for the first time.  Myron was the drummer in Superband with Bob in 1967.  He also went on to become the drummer in Chocolate Hair, which became Sugarloaf.  (07/24/05) 

The Monocles and The Higher Elevation pages have just been added to the Related Artists section of the website.  There are approximately twenty pages that consist of several rare photos and pieces of memorabilia, along with many stories and information provided by Rick Hull and Robb Casseday.  You can check this out by going to the Site Map and clicking on the Related Artists link, or by clicking here. (05/11/05)

The Bob Yeazel/Diamondhead CD on Gear Fab Records (GF-209) is now available through this site for $15 which includes shipping.  This disc is a real treat and the 8 page booklet includes photos and an interview conducted with Bob about the band and the songs.  It also includes individual track credits.  All money from the music sales on this site goes into a fund that is used to pay for keeping the site online, and to pay for expenses of future releases.  If you would like to see more releases of Bob's music, please help by purchasing something that is available.  Thank you to everyone that has purchased music from this site in the past.

 Click here to hear a medley of 30 second song clips of each of the songs on the disc.  Click here to place an order from us or click here if you would like to check out other releases on the Gear Fab label.


At a gathering at Bob's the week of the release I was able to get the photo below of three of the musicians that played on the CD.  From left to right is Jerry Krenzer, Peter Johnson, and Bob Yeazel. (08/31/04)


The last issue of the quarterly Vintage Drummer from 2004 includes an interview with Sugarloaf drummer Bob MacVittie that pertains to the recording of "Green Eyed Lady".  It is definitely an interesting article.  You can check it out by clicking on the cover below.  Please note that since the release of this issue, the name of the magazine has changed to Classic Drummer. 

Be sure to check out their website at www.classicdrummer.com for other excellent interviews and articles with the world's greatest drummers.  Subscriptions, individual issues and back issues are available on their website.  The issue with Bob's article is sure to be a winner with the main article focusing on the incredible session drummer, Hal Blaine.  Also included is an article on Jerry Shirley of Humble Pie, Natural Gas, and Fastway.  Check it out!  (10/15/04)

Just added to the Related Artists section of the site are the Peter Johnson pages.  On these pages are memorabilia, photos, and some excellent song clips from the different bands he was in.  These bands include The Status Seekers, The Monocles, The Higher Elevation, Fat Emma, Brother Son and Fingers.  There are also some interesting comments and stories from Peter.  You can check these out by going to the Site Map and clicking on the Related Artists link, or by clicking here(07/25/04)

Just added is a review on John Ryland's book on his days as a record promoter and DJ.  To read this review, please click here. (07/09/04)

I recently had a very interesting conversation with former Denver DJ (KBPI) and record promoter, John Ryland about his recently released book.  The book is an excellent behind the scenes story of the music business.  It is also available in CD form with extra stories added.  To find out more about this or to purchase a copy, please check out www.djblues.com (05/03/04)   

Awhile back I found out that Scott at www.thepsychedelicguitar.com was wanting to do an interview with Bob.  This interview is now posted on Scott's site.  It's an interesting one and is funny also.  Included is a rare photo of Bob from when he was with the Beast.  You can check it out by clicking here.  This will take you off of this site but there is a link back to here.  While you're there make sure you check out the other interesting interviews Scott has conducted and has posted on his site.  (02/18/04)

Saturday, February 7, 2004 marked the second year anniversary of this website.  Coincidentally a small gathering took place for lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe in Denver.  It was a great time and many excellent stories were told.  Below is a photo of some that attended that are a part of this website.

From left to right is Jerry Krenzer, John Grove, Freddi, Bob, and Peter Johnson.  Several friends were in attendance also.  Afterwards I conducted a short interview with Bob on video for an upcoming DVD (that is yet to be released as of 1/3/06).  More on this as it develops. (02/08/04) 

Just added to the site is a page accessible from the Related Artists page for bassist John Grove.  John played in a band called The High Blues with Dominick Todero prior to Dominick joining the Beast.  He was also in the Colorado bands Band X and Joint Session as well as playing in Jan and Dean's band in the late seventies.  He continues to perform today with Little Ricky & the Roosters.  You can read his interesting story by going to the Site Map and clicking on the Related Artists link, or by clicking here. (01/16/04)  

  On the night of August 23, Bob and I met at Estes Park, CO to check out a Three Dog Night concert where they headlined at a festival that day that also featured Eric Burdon and the New Animals, John Kay and Steppenwolf, and B.T.O.  Three Dog Night gave the crowd an excellent performance as has always been the case when I've seen them.  After the show, we got together with keyboardist extraordinaire, Jimmy Greenspoon.  Before Three Dog Night, Bob and Jimmy had played together in Superband and the West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band.  It was a lot of fun listening to them reminisce about some of the wild times they had in those bands.  Recently added to the site are two photos, and a few short stories from the conversation that took place that night.  If you would like to see the photos and/or read these stories that relate to bands on this site, please click here. (9/23/03)


I'm pleased to say that Bob Yeazel and Bob MacVittie got together for the first time in many years at a small gathering on the evening of April 8, 2003.  They had played together in the bands Sugarloaf (1970-72) and Brother Son (1973-74).  Peter Johnson and Jerry Krenzer (also of Brother Son) had hoped to make it but were unable to attend.  David Williams would have liked to have been there also but since we had just made contact with him on the east coast six days prior, it was not possible.  It was a fun night.

I am really happy to say that I made contact with David Williams (formerly) of Brother Son on April 2, 2003.  It is something that I had hoped would happen for quite some time.  Here is a bit of what he had to say:

When I left Denver, I returned to my flute teacher and mentor Paige Brook (associate first with the New York Philharmonic for 37 years) and spent the next ten years expanding my flute technique and repertoire.  My first four years were spent back in college and I was able to practice eight to ten hours a day during this time.  In 1982 I returned to Boston (I went to Berklee from 66-69) and worked for a flute manufacturer concurrently with playing in jazz clubs in the area.

On September 15, 2002, I spoke with former Sugarloaf and Brother Son drummer, Bob MacVittie.  We had an excellent conversation and he will be contributing comments and stories to the site, as well as sharing some photos with us in the future. Bob MacVittie joined Sugarloaf just before the first LP was completed, playing the drums on the last track to make it on the album, the classic "Green Eyed Lady". He was also the drummer on the Spaceship Earth LP.  After Sugarloaf, he became a founding member of Brother Son and when they disbanded, he became the road manager for War during their heydey.  Prior to Sugarloaf he had been a member of The Moonrakers.  

On August 17, 2002, I got a chance to check out The Freddi-Henchi Band, a group that Bob played in for over eight years.  They have been going strong since the sixties and still have a loyal following.  It was a great time and the band still sounds excellent!  

Jerry Krenzer is the bass player for The Freddi-Henchi Band.  Bob and Jerry played together in Brother Son and when that came to an end, they both went on to The Freddi-Henchi Band. Jerry is still a member of the band and on that night, he brought some very nice photos of Brother Son from his personal collection and was willing to share them with us on this site. This is very much appreciated. I have now created a Brother Son page 2 that consists of concert photos.  It may take a while for these pages to load but it is worth the wait.  There are new pictures on both pages so to check these out, please go to the Site Map page and click on the Brother Son link of your choice, or click here for page one, or here for page two.


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