Hello everybody, I'm still living in South Florida, but I just got back from Colorado where I played a private party with Freddy and the Freddi-Henchi Band. It was great to see the band again and all my friends and relatives that I was able to visit during my brief stay. I'll be back in September for another gig and more catching up with old friends. 

Bob sent some really nice photos to share.  Above left is Bob and Freddy, to the right is keyboard player Chuck Reeder and his wife, Marla

and a great shot of Freddy.

I've attached some more pix of my crib with some improvements I have made on the yard, etc....Bob (07/25/11)  

A live video of The Freddi-Henchi Band performing a song in 1977 has been added to the Freddi-Henchi Band page.

Freddi-Henchi and the Soulsetters:  Crown Princes of Funk: The Last Set 
This authorized enhanced CD from the original tapes of their producer Hadley Murrell features the entire Dance LP along with most of their obscure singles, and two previously unreleased tracks in one great collection!  It also features the video below.  You can order this release from Amazon by clicking here.  Although Bob does not appear on any of the tracks, this release should be of interest to many of his friends and fans.  Check out the promo video below from The Real Don Steele TV Show circa 1975.  (12/22/10)


Related Artist, Jack Giering has just informed me of a new CD release by The Phil Keaggy Trio called Inter-Dimensional Traveler.  Jack was the keyboard player in a band called Tonsingo with Myron Pollack shortly after Bob and Myron were in Superband.  This new release features Phil with his bandmate from Glass Harp; drummer John Sferra, along with Jack on keyboards.  For more information click here. (11/22/10)

On Monday, September 6th, Bob got a chance to have lunch and visit with Bobby Pickett while in Los Angeles.  They had not seen each other in a very long time.  Bobby joined Sugarloaf in May of 1971.  He has had a very successful career in music, including playing in an underrated kick ass band called Detective in the later seventies.  This group was one of very few artists to perform on the Swan Song label known for being Led Zeppelin's label.  Bobby continues to perform to this day in a blues band called Cafe R&B.

After his visit with Bobby, Bob continued on to Hawaii where he spent two weeks vacationing with friends.  Below is a photo of Bob and TropicalDawg jamming on Martin acoustics in Hawaii. (09/27/10)

Bob enjoyed playing a song for a full house at the Jazz Jam at the Sunrise Theatre in Fort Pierce last night.  He said it's a very nice place and that it's likely he will play there again.  The Jazz Jam takes place every other Tuesday night at 7:00 PM. (09/01/10)

Bob has started playing a few gigs in the Fort Pierce, Florida area as of late and has been going over well.  He also has been appearing at Waldo's in The Driftwood Inn in Vero Beach for open mic night on Thursdays.  Keep checking the Upcoming Performances page for details on where he will be playing next. (08/27/10) 

I heard from Bob on Saturday, July 24th.  Below the photo is what he had to say:

Hi everyone,

     How are you?  I just thought I would touch base to say hello.  I bought a little place here in Fort Pierce, and also have an 18 foot pontoon boat that I take on the Indian River for fishing, swimming and snorkeling fun. 

      I'm testing the waters to meet some musicians and creative folk down here and hopefully I will have some musical projects going.  I'm enclosing a picture or two of my house and boat and of course, you're always welcome here. Hey my legs are getting tanned! 

     Take care,

      Bob Yeazel  

Above are some shots he sent of the boat, and below are a couple of photos of his place.


The last few times I spoke with Bob he has talked about a new page for the site where he will write about his current adventures.  Here is a recent posting:

May 16, 2010

Hello once again my brothers and sisters,

       My name is still Bob and Iíd like to thank you for visiting my website. My friend and co-conspirator Les Peterson put it together and runs it for me. I do not have the computer skills or the time to do it.

        I answer my emails when folks sign my guest book and will continue to do so. It may take several days to get back to you.

        Iím in Southeastern Florida around Fort Pierce (they call this area the Treasure Coast due to the lost Spanish ships lost laden with gold-many still undiscovered) and have decided to hang my hat here. Itís going to be in the eighties today with nothing but sunshine, and I plan to go down to my pontoon boat and do some repairs and general prepping for doing some fishing in the Indian River. I love the sub-tropical lifestyle and Iím having a blast in my new (used, 10 year old) boat. Itís beautiful on the river and you can go a long way with free anchorages on the inter-coastal highway which runs along the east coast of Florida for hundreds of miles.  

         It is starting to get hot already and, of course, some days the humidity is unbelievable.  Thatís why we have air conditioning.

         I am in the process of buying a house (okay-nice mobile home) and will soon get settled in and no more camping out in my pop-up camper!! Yeah!!! Hygiene, a hot bath in my hot tub, indoor plumbing, a yard, garden and a kitchen!

         Iíve been focusing on starting a new, laid back lifestyle for myself, and Iím very close to achieving that goal.  I do plan on working on some of the musical projects I discussed in my last letter in the near future. New house-new boat-new music.

        Oh yeah, I almost forgot: I had cataract surgery on the 10th of May. Iím still in post operative babying mode, but it seems to have been successful. Did I mention how beautiful the rustic downtown center, beaches, islands and marinas are here? Itís like Mayberry on the water.

        Iíll drop another line sooner than this one came along. I will include some pictures. Hey, I ainít done yet yíall!!

        I somehow knew Iíd end up as Ďtrailer trashí. Time to sell some hit songs.


  Bob Yeazel

p.s. hurricane season starts in a monthÖ..hopefully, we wonít get hit this year.


New to the site today is a poster from a show that Sugarloaf performed with The Chambers Brothers at Florida State University on 11/13/70.  You can view this on the Sugarloaf Concerts page(11/25/09)

Recently added are photos and the story of how a custom made EMRAD amp (that I am quite sure was Bob's) and was used by him in Sugarloaf ended up in my possession.  The photo and story can be seen by going through a link under the pick on the Sugarloaf Concerts page or by clicking here. (05/06/09)

Added recently is a Bob Yeazel and the Nightcrawlers poster signed by all members.  This is a very large, cool poster from the early nineties.  You can check it out by going to the Bob Yeazel and the Nightcrawlers page. (04/13/09)

New to the site today is a Top 50 survey from Denver's KTLK from the week of March 26, 1971 depicting the Sugarloaf single "Tongue in Cheek" at the Number 4 position.  You can check this out by going to the page dedicated to "Tongue in Cheek." (03/02/09)


Recently added to the site is an excellent article on Sugarloaf from the October 31, 1970 issue of Record World magazine.  The Spaceship Earth LP had just been completed at this time.  It also includes a photo that I have not seen elsewhere.  You can check this out by clicking on a thumbnail of it near the top of the Miscellaneous Sugarloaf page. (01/26/09)

Related Artist, Jack Giering has just announced the release of his new CD, Lone Wolf.  Jack was the keyboard player in a band called Tonsingo with Myron Pollack shortly after Bob and Myron were in Superband.  This disc has been a long time coming and is worth the wait!  Click here for the Press Release.  (12/25/08)

New to the site today is the front cover of Best Songs Magazine from February 1972 featuring a picture of Sugarloaf.  I've also posted the accompanying article from that issue.   This can be viewed on the Miscellaneous Sugarloaf page.  Also new to the site is a copy of "Tongue in Cheek" pressed in Peru and released on the United Artists label.  It is the only release of the song that I've seen that has not been on Liberty Records.  This can be viewed through a link on the Foreign Pressings page. (11/01/08)

Just in are some amazing photos taken during the Brother Son era by Dave Wolf.  You can view these by going to the Brother Son 3 page or by clicking here. (09/17/08)

Just in are two articles with five pages relating to The Beast performing with The Who in Colorado Springs in August 1968.  More Than 7,200 Turned Out for The Who but the Beast Stole the Whole Show...Read about it by clicking here (09/04/08)

Bob was killer on guitar Saturday evening, August 23rd (2008) at Jerry D's.  A great time was had by all!
The next day he and a friend checked out the Erica Brown Band at the Little Bear in Evergreen, CO.  Bob sat in for a set.  Below are a couple of nice shots of Bob working up a sweat during that set.  They were taken by Kat Hammontre of San Felipe, Baja California, Mexico.  

Added to the site today is a review of the Sugarloaf concerts at the Whiskey A Go Go and a review of the Spaceship Earth LP from The Original Head Lite Review & Directory from April 1971.  The Whiskey review can be seen on Concerts page 2 and the LP review can be seen on the Spaceship Earth page. (05/19/08)

Just in is a souvenir program booklet from the 99 cent United Artists Hollywood Bowl Concert that took place on June 30, 1971.  I've added some Sugarloaf photos and more information about the show on Concerts page 3.  You can also follow a link at the bottom of that page for another photo and more reviews and advertisements for the concert. (03/25/08)

Just in are two very rare posters for Sugarloaf concerts.  The first is from December 14, 1970 at the Christy Ballroom with Podipto opening for them.  You can view this at the bottom of the Sugarloaf concerts page or by clicking here.  The second is from May 2, 1972 for a concert in McPherson, Kansas.  It also includes a photo of the band that I had never seen before.  This can be viewed near the bottom of the Concerts page 4 or by clicking here. (01/07/08)

Recently added to the site is a Sugarloaf calendar for July 1972 put out by Toshiba/Liberty of Japan.  It includes a photo from the mountain photo shoot that I have not seen published anywhere else before.  You can check this out at the bottom of the Miscellaneous Sugarloaf page by clicking here. (10/23/07)

Above is a shot of Bob and Harold Lee taken at Jerry D's on August 11, 2007.  The Freddi-Henchi Band put on a super performance that night.  It was a lot of fun and a great turnout!  More photos from this show can be seen at www.fhband.com  Don't forget to return after checking them out.

It was fun being able to check out Bob playing with The Erica Brown Band again.  They put on an excellent show on a hot afternoon at the Taste of Fort Collins event on Sunday, June 10. (06/12/07)

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