Welcome to the Old News page.  On this page you will find things that were formerly on the WHAT'S NEW page that I thought should be retained, but are no longer current.

I was sorry to learn of the passing of Richard Velasquez in September, after battling throat cancer for some time.  He was the keyboard player in The Bluetones in the mid sixties, a group fronted by David Raines.  He also played keyboards with Soul Explosion.  More can be seen on The Bluetones page by clicking here.

Just added to the website is the story of Roger Liston and The Wild Ones.  This can either be accessed through the link on the Related Artists page, or by clicking here(11/29/16) 

Just added to the site today is a KIMN Radio Survey from March 13, 1971, with a photo of Sugarloaf on the cover.  This was to promote the single "Tongue in Cheek" that was at #28 that week.  You can view this survey and more information about the single by clicking here.

Also added to the site today is a survey from Denver's KIMN radio with "Green Eyed Lady" at the #1 position for at least it's second week.  It is from the week of September 12, 1970.  The Sugarloaf self-titled LP was at the #1 position for at least it's second week also.  You can view this survey, and the survey from September 19, 1970, added earlier this year on the "Green Eyed Lady" Surveys page, by clicking here. (09/23/15)

Freddy Gowdy has been on tour with Chris Daniels and the Kings and he, Chris and Darryl Abrahamson just returned from Europe after performing several shows in Belgium and The Netherlands.  Here is a photo from the May 30th performance in Bibelot, Netherlands:

(Photo by Rinus de Man)

More photos from this performance can be seen by clicking here. (06/05/15)

Just added to the site is a survey from Denver's KIMN radio with "Green Eyed Lady" at the #1 position for at least it's second week.  It is from the week of September 19, 1970.  The Sugarloaf self-titled LP dropped out of #1 this week and fell to #6.  You can view this survey on the "Green Eyed Lady" survey page by clicking here. (updated, 05/15/15)

It is with much sadness that I report the passing of our friend Jimmy Greenspoon on March 11th.  Our deepest condolences go out to his family and friends.  As many of you know very early in both their careers, Bob and Jimmy formed Superband.  Jimmy went on to become the keyboard player in Three Dog Night and participated on every recording the group made throughout the career of the band.  He was an amazingly talented musician who added tremendous sound to Three Dog Night's songs.  He was also a very fun and kind person with a real zest for life.  He will be greatly missed by all that knew him and loved his music. (03/12/15)

(Photo taken by Les on June 28, 2001, in Oshkosh, Wisconsin)

The documentary about Norman Petty Studios that Shawn Nagy has been working so hard on is nearing completion.  This will include video footage of Bob in regards to the two LPs that Beast recorded at Norman Petty Studios.  Click here for a short promo video about it on Facebook.  This will take you off this site and you will be prompted to sign in.  Bob can be seen around the 2:12 point in the promo. (03/02/15)

I'm happy to say that the fundraising project in regards to The Chris Daniels and the Kings with Freddi Gowdy CD and LP reached it's goal!  The CD is out and available for download from Amazon, iTunes and CD Baby.  Thank you to all that contributed to the Kickstarter fund! (03/02/15)

Just added to the site is a radio commercial advertising the self-titled Sugarloaf LP.  You can see the 45 and hear the commercial by going to the Jerry Corbetta page.  Also added today is a very rare Brut Records promo poster for the Jerry Corbetta/Sugarloaf I Got a Song LP.  You can see this by going to Jerry Corbetta Page 2. (02/24/15)

I visited Bob in September to see how he was doing.  He’s had a rough summer, but it was nice to see him, and we had a fun time.  On October 1, 2014, I received an e-mail from him to post on the site telling a bit of what he’s been going through:



Hello fans and detractors alike. This story is best told by me directly.


       I had a 'mass' in my right lung that was detected in June. We immediately decided to remove it surgically with my upper right lung lobe. An “upper right lobectomy' is the medical terminology. So after we took it out (first of July) it took me weeks in the hospital to recover, only to be readmitted in August with pneumonia. I've been a lot of things but never 'feeble'. This surgery made me feeble. So, within the last month, I've gotten my strength back and was ready to start chemo and radiation. I haven't done either yet, and I'm hoping not to have to in the future. Before starting chemo or radiation therapy, both of those doctors requested a pet scan (an intense and very expensive x-ray) to see where we are right now. I must tell you I was pretty apprehensive about this. To my amazement, the scan showed NO cancer in me. The chemo doc said ‘I have nothing to treat’. The radiation doc wanted me to go ahead to get ‘invisible cancer the scan may have missed’. Sounds pretty sketchy, so I passed. I’ll do another cat scan in 3 months to monitor my progress. My cancer is 'atypical carcinoid' which is only 1-2% of all cancers. So.........these things are known to come back. I'm going to keep an eye on it.


    A major factor in my clear diagnosis is an organic compound called ‘Modified Citrus Pectin’. I’ve been taking 18 capsules a day and it is wonderful. I recommend it highly for anyone fighting cancer. Please do some research on it. Another natural treatment that has shown to be effective is Turmeric. I haven't personally tried it yet, but my girlfriend just received a shipment of 6 bottles for me. Please check it out also.


    I’m not out of the woods just yet. I need to get a colonoscopy, and there is ‘something’ at the base of my tongue, but the immediate lung cancer threat seems to be under control. Thank you all for your love and support.


    So that's my story and I'm sticking with it.


Bob Yeazel 



Photo taken 9/10/14.

Freddy Gowdy, of The Freddi-Henchi Band has been performing quite often with Chris Daniels and the Kings as of late.  They were recently in Arizona making some recordings at Coupe Studio.  One of the tracks recorded was a song that Bob wrote that The Freddi-Henchi Band used to perform in the seventies.  Freddy sang lead vocals on the new recording of this track.  We are looking forward to the release of this new Chris Daniels and the Kings CD.  More information on the Chris Daniels and the Kings upcoming shows, and the upcoming CD release can be found on their website by clicking here.  I will keep you up to date on this as I learn more.  (05/14/14)

New to the site is a survey from KINK in Portland, OR for the week of October 19, 1970 with "Green Eyed Lady" at the #1 spot.  Jerry Corbetta told me it was a station in Portland, OR that played a big part in breaking the record.  Bob Yeazel and Bob MacVittie told me similar stories about it.  It could very well be this station that helped to make this song a big part of music history.  You can view the survey, along with several other surveys from around the country and Canada where "Green Eyed Lady" reached #1, by clicking here. (12/06/13)

Just added is an interesting, well written three page article on Sugarloaf from December 1970, from a Mexican music magazine called Notitas Musicales.  You can view this by going to the Miscellaneous Sugarloaf page.  (07/24/13)

Back in the seventies it was not uncommon to find 8-track tapes for sale at unusual places.  You would often see a small rack of them in gas stations, Mom & Pop stores and many places where you wouldn't expect it just hoping to catch the impulsive buyer that would like to hear a new tape.  The titles would be varied, and very often times you would find a mixture consisting of off title legitimate releases and a large amount of counterfeits.  In my area they were usually $3.95 each, which was cheap at the time.  Today, I added a sealed copy of the Sugarloaf Spaceship Earth counterfeit 8-track that arrived last night.  It is a prime example.  It has, for a counterfeit, a decent front cover.  Some were totally generic.  The back with the titles is just a typewritten track listing.  I had never seen a copy of this before that I can recall.  You can view this on the Spaceship Earth 2 page.  (07/18/13)

Added today is a photo of Soul Explosion building a stage and bandstand for an event that took place in August 1970.  Rich Velasquez, keyboard and trumpet player for the band, had previously played in The Bluetones with David Raines.  This is a very cool and unique photo taken by Denver Post Staff Photographer, Bill Wunsch on July 30, 1970.  You can view this photo by going to The Bluetones page.  (07/17/13)

Just added is a poster for a performance that took place on September 12 & 13, 1970 in Springfield, MO.  It was a Memorial Festival to honor the fallen soldiers of the Viet Nam War.  Performing on the bill were: Crow, The Ides of March, Pacific Gas & Electric, Sugarloaf and the James Gang.  This would have been an excellent show to see.  All of the bands were hot at the time.  You can see this poster by going to the Sugarloaf Concerts page. (07/16/13)

New to the site are photos of Jerry Corbetta's personal jacket from the Leader of the Pack broadway cast album for which he was nominated for a Tony Award in 1985.  You can see this by going to Jerry Corbetta page 4.

Just added is a newspaper advertisement for the United Artist 99 Cent concert at the Hollywood Bowl that took place on June 30, 1971.  You can view this on Sugarloaf Concerts page 3. (07/15/13)

Sheet music for Jerry Corbetta's "I Got A Song" has been added to Jerry Corbetta Page 2, and video footage from the Sugarloaf Reunion show from 1985 has been added to Sugarloaf Concerts Page Four(01/24/13)

Just added is a photo of Bob Raymond and Bob Yeazel performing at Curtis Hixon Hall in Tampa from February 1971.  You can view this along with two other photos and a review by going to the Sugarloaf Concerts Page Two.  

It is with much sadness that we announce the passing of our friend Wild Bill Cody on December 25, 2012.  Wild Bill was one of a kind and a true fan and supporter of Colorado music.  He was a well-known DJ that went above and beyond the call of duty.  He will be missed by all that knew him.  To check out his obituary and read about some of the amazing things he did in his 36 year career in radio, click here. (This will take you off of this site.)  01/17/13

Sugarloaf, The Astronauts, Flash Cadillac and the Continental Kids, and KIMN Radio were inducted into the Colorado Music Hall of Fame at The Boulder Theater on Saturday, September 8, 2012.  All of the former members of Sugarloaf except the late Larry Ferris were present and performed at the ceremony.

Sugarloaf being inducted into the Colorado Music Hall of Fame.  
From left to right are:  Bob Yeazel, Bob Webber, Bobby Pickett, Bob Raymond, 
Bob MacVittie, Myron Pollock and Jerry Corbetta.

Sugarloaf performed three songs that night: "Green Eyed Lady," "Don't Call Us-We'll Call You," and "Tongue in Cheek."  
From left to right are:  Bob Raymond, Bob Webber and Bob Yeazel.

Bob's certificate from the ceremony.

Bob's Things Are Getting Better CD, as well as individual tracks are now available as a digital download from iTunes and Amazon.  Click here for iTunes, or here for Amazon.  Clicking on either will take you off this site. 09/12/12

Just added are three photos from College Days at C.S.U. in Fort Collins, CO from 1978 featuring some cool shots of Freddy and Henchi.  We'd like to thank Kathy Peterson for contributing them to the site.  They have been placed on a page that features several other photos from this same date.  You can see them on the Freddi-Henchi Band Seventies Photos page. (07/16/12)

Just released on the Wind Hit label is a new compilation CD of Various Artists produced by Hadley Murrell.  The CD, The Sultans of Soul, includes two extremely rare, previously unreleased recordings by Freddi/Henchi & The Soulsetters from the early seventies.  The first track is "I Am Somebody," written by Freddy, Henchi & Larry Wilkins.  It is a tribute to the well known chant by Reverend Jesse Jackson.  The second is called "Mama Told Me To Watch Out."  It was written by Freddy and Larry and is a tribute to The Allman Brothers.  There are 18 tracks in all, packaged in a very nice booklet with informative liner notes and many photos.  It is available on Amazon by clicking here.  More information and a photo can be seen at the bottom of the Freddi-Henchi page Recordings 2. (06/12/12)

Many times people have written to ask me if there is a way to obtain the excellent song "Hot Water," which was originally on the Spaceship Earth LP but was left off of the 2 on 1 Sugarloaf CD because of a time constraint.  The song has recently been released as an mp3 digital download on Amazon.  If you are looking for this song, you can now get it by clicking here.  (Clicking on the link will take you to Amazon's website.) (02/24/12)

Just added to the Freddi-Henchi Recordings 2 page is a Billboard Magazine advertisement for the release of the "Cartoon People" single from 1975.  You can view it by clicking here. (02/23/12)

I have just relocated The Freddi-Henchi Band website to this site.  Now, along with the two pages I had before that included all of Bob's involvement with them in the seventies through the nineties, I have added several pages of photos, memorabilia and info that covers their entire history.  The former Freddi-Henchi Band website will permanently be accessible through the Related Artists page.  For now, you can go straight there by clicking here(02/17/12)

Just added to the site is a performance photo of Jerry Corbetta from a Sugarloaf concert at the Curtis Hixon Hall in Tampa, FL from February 18, 1971.  Also added is a review from this concert as well as a group photo of Sugarloaf planting a tree in Tampa.  They did this in most if not all of the cities they performed in on this tour.  You can see all of this at the Concerts Page 2 page. (02/08/12)

Added to YouTube is a short video I took of Bob playing "Amazing Grace" at Norman Petty Studios #2 on the same stage that Beast recorded their second LP.  You can play this video below. (01/12/12)


To start the year off I have just added some pages on the very interesting career of Jerry Corbetta.  You can check these pages out by clicking here.  I will also be adding a link to these pages to the Related Artists page.  

We are really sorry to hear of the passing of Henchi's brother, Michael Graves on December 8th.  Michael played a big role in The Freddi-Henchi Band during their heyday as their road manager along with many other things he did for the band. He was a great person with an excellent personality and sense of humor. He will be sadly missed by all who knew him.  A photo of him with the band can be seen near the bottom of this page. (12/20/11)

Bob's excellent solo Rough Cut Stone CD has been re-released as Things Are Getting Better and is now available for digital download as either individual songs for 99 cents each, or the entire CD for $9.99 from CD Baby.  Click here to go to CD Baby to purchase these tracks.  Also I have posted another video on YouTube of Bob live in the studio in the late eighties or very early nineties.  On it he performs an excellent version of "Rough Cut Stone" solo with his electric guitar.  You can check it out below. (12/08/11)


It is with much sadness that we report the passing of Dominick Todero, original member of The Beast on November 9, 2011 after a long, hard fight with cancer.  Dominick contributed the excellent trumpet playing on the first Beast LP.  This is what Bob had to say about him: 

" I remember Dominick was very shy and quiet when he joined the band (the Beast). I was 22 years old and Dom was still in his teens. He was a good looking kid, wavy black hair and a contagious smile. We all loved him and teased him a bit for being younger than the rest of us and for being from Pueblo. He was always ready to help anyone who needed his help, and was a grounded, reliable friend and band mate. Very easy to work with. Mike Kerns (who has also passed) took him under his wing and worked with him on the horn parts. He worked hard on his music and was always ready for live shows or the studio.
He was very supportive of me and my music, and that is always appreciated. I will miss him and have fond memories of our time together. Rest in Peace my brother."
Bob Yeazel ☮ ☯

New and interesting information has been added about Ev Evans and the history of the EMRAD amps that Sugarloaf used to use in the early seventies.  You can view this info by going here.  I'd like to thank Lee Brenkman and Lin Flanagan for sharing this information with me.  (10/25/11)

I have just posted a video on You Tube that Bob made in Texas in 1989 for a song he recorded with 2D Max called "Crazy About You."


I have also added a couple of medleys that I spliced together of guitar solo jams that I videotaped of Bob in the last ten years or so to You Tube.  These can be viewed by clicking here  and here.  Clicking either of the links will take you to You Tube.

Below is the latest from Bob:

Due to the large size of the Old News page, I have now added two new pages.  Along with Old News, there is now Older News and Oldest News.  These pages cover some of the more significant additions to the site from the last nine years. (07/25/11)

Just added to the Related Artists page is the story of Marc Gonzales.  He has shared memories and photos of his times in the bands The Brass Monkey, East Broadway Rundown, Windfall (with Bob Webber and Dick Whetstone) and others.  You can check these pages out by clicking here.  More will be added to the pages in the future as well. (03/21/11)


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