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    Originally released in a very limited quantity in 1996, Rough Cut Stone is a fantastic 15 track Bob Yeazel solo recording and is now available for purchase again through this website by clicking here.  Hear sound clips from the CD by clicking the song titles below (please be patient while the clips load).  

Rough Cut Stone  Not My Day
Things Are Getting Better Beth Ann
Psycho Bitches From Hell Every Man Hears Different Music (original version appears on the first Beast LP)
Gnarly Davidson Can't Let You Go


Unfortunately, we no longer have copies of this available but I wanted to leave the clips on the site.  The CD is still available from Amazon.  It includes the full length cuts of the classic Sugarloaf hits, "Green Eyed Lady," and "Tongue in Cheek."  Hear sound clips from some of the songs from the Spaceship Earth album by clicking on the titles below.

Rusty Cloud    Tongue in Cheek Country Dawg
Music Box   Rollin' Hills

You can hear sound clips of songs from both of the Beast LPs by going to the Beast Sound Clips page.  Click here to go to that page.  These albums and singles are available through us on the Orders page.  Click here to order.

NOW IN:  Available for the first time anywhere, a previously unreleased 13 track CD of songs recorded in 1972/1973 shortly after his departure from Sugarloaf.  If this LP had been released at the time, it would be considered a classic today!!  This CD release from Gear Fab Records (GF-209) consists of nine Diamondhead songs and four Brother Son.  Click here to hear a medley of 30 second sound clips of each of the songs on the disc.  The eight page booklet includes an interesting interview with Bob about the bands and the songs.  You need this CD in your collection!!  (08/31/04)

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