Monocles  This page has early bio info, promo photos from Three Gables Inn and their first promo photo.

Monocles 2  This page covers how the band formed and has several pieces of interesting memorabilia.

Monocles 3  Covers hiring their roadie, their music coach, KIMN Dance Festival, TAC Dance Contest, and the loss of Kevin.

Monocles 4  Tom Behm joins, a promo shoot in the park, Fender promo, and Fan Club.

Monocles 5  Robb and Don leave for the service, Peter joins, many photos as a four piece.

Recordings  Stories and info on The Monocles recordings along with articles and photos on the Fender Teen Age Fair.

Performances  Shows Monocles performances from mid 1965 through 1966, newsclips for shows, and links to photos.

The Higher Elevation  Rick tells us about the group, how the name changed, records, acetates, etc.

Peter Johnson Pages  Peter tells of his career including stories of being with The Monocles and The Higher Elevation.

Lyrics and Sheet Music  From songs The Monocles and The Higher Elevation recorded.

Three Gables Inn  An early promo photo shoot of The Monocles.

Mouse  Robb tells the story of The Monocles logo with pictures.

Baja Club  Performance shots of the band performing at the Baja Club late 1965.

Buff Room  Photos from performing at the Buff Room, probably May 1966.

Battle of the Bands  Photos from the Fender Teen Age Fair Battle of the Bands.

TAC  Photos from the T.A.C. Dance Contest.

Tulagi's  Photos from a performance at Tulagi's.

Promo Photos  Several photos from 1966 with Tom Behm.

Fender Promo Shoot  A promo shoot after winning the Battle of the Bands.

Black and White Photos  Photos of The Monocles as a four piece that Rick believed took place at the Greeley Community Center.

1956 Cadillac Hearse  Current photos and the story behind how the hearse was acquired by a member of The Ghastly Ones.

Yves  A brief story of how the late Jon Floth's daughter found Jon's family.

Miscellaneous Photos