In April 1974, Bob and Jerry started working on commercial jingles for radio stations.  The first session actually took place before the final shows that Brother Son played at the end of April.

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LP:  I believe Jerry said Donn Love sang on at least one of the jingles.

BY:  "That Extra Mile".  He sold it to another dealer down in Phoenix.

LP  Did you write it?

BY:  Yeah.  He said I got a campaign called 'That Extra Mile'.  Come up with something.  Itís a doughnut.  Singing, talking, and singing again.  Singing with a hole, and then singing.  Thatís why they call it a doughnut.  

That particular one was recorded a lot of different ways for him.  There was a jazz style, and a Mexican style with maracas, and a little trumpet thing.  I put a lot of twists on it.  I wrote the music on all of the jingles that we did.  

"That Extra Mile" jazz style        Click for Mexican style        Click for Humor

LP:  Do you remember who else plays on it? 

BY:  Jerry.  Larry Thompson I think played the drums.  Heís still doing jingles.  Heís like the jingle king.  He makes a good living doing all the local stuff.

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LP:  Jerry was saying that Phil Anderson worked on some of these.

BY:  Oh Yeah.  Phil sang ďStonescapeĒ I sing the follow up.  Itís him and me, him and me, him and me.  Then the ďWe got,Ē that was me.  

  May D & F is me.  He does the high harmony on May D & F.  Heís got a good voice.

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Jerry's books show that more sessions took place on 5/20, 5/22, & 6/15 at Western Line Studios but no specifics are given.

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BY:  I donít know what Parkside is.  I canít remember.  We did a lot of them and I kind of lost count. 


Sessions for the jingle for the Wyoming Travel Commission took place on at least three different occasions.  This is not surprising as it is considerably longer than most commercial spots.

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BY:  We did one for the Turkey Growerís Association too.  There was five of us standing around trying to sound like a turkey stampede.  It was real twangy.  I canít remember the music.

LPDo you know who else was with you?

BY:  It was usually me and Jerry, and the other guys just varied.

Unfortunately, no one has a copy of the turkey session.  They also recorded a jingle for a sporting goods store that no longer exists.  Not all sessions are documented in the book, such as the three below:

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Bob and Jerry worked on commercial jingles throughout the remainder of 1974. In January of 1975, they joined The Freddi-Henchi Band.  Tony Bunch, who had been working for The Freddi-Henchi Band as a roadie, also became an official member at this time.

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