After his solo album, Jerry continued to write with Bob Crewe.  Frankie Valli called Bob and asked him if he had any songs available for a new album he was working on.  Frankie ended up recording three songs for his album Heaven Above Me that Jerry had co-written; two with Bob, and one with Molly-Ann Leikin.  Jerry also played on six of the eight tracks on the LP.

After the album was finished Frankie wanted Jerry to join The Four Seasons full time.  Jerry was the keyboard player and also added background vocals with them from 1979-1984.  At this time, The Four Seasons consisted of Don Ciccone on guitar, Jerry on keyboards, Larry Lingle on lead guitar, and Gerry Polci on drums.

The above left CD is a live recording from 1980 on the Curb label and was released on CD in 1990.  The LP on the right was released on the K-Tel label in 1981.  It is an import from New Zealand and features the original songs but shows a picture of his then current band.   

Jerry: "It was a lot of fun, and the guys in the band are still good friends of mine.  He's still a friend of mine.  It was a positive experience, all in all."

After the Four Seasons, Jerry started working with Bob Crewe again and they started a production company.  This gets a bit lengthy so at this point I'm just going to write down some of the acts that Jerry either produced, wrote, and/or played keyboards for on recordings.

Grace Jones
Belinda Carlisle
Englebert Humperdinck
Eric Carmen
Don Ciccone
Frankie Valli (on Hope + Glory)
Roberta Flack/Peabo Bryson (Gold Record)
The Graces
Belinda Carlisle
Billy Burnette
and many, many more.  He also composed, arranged and produced songs for movies, videos and commercials.

In 1985, Jerry worked on the Broadway cast album of Leader of the Pack.  This was a 1985 Tony Award Nominee for Best Musical.

Above is his personal jacket from the project.

About 1990 Bob Crewe decided to quit and took up abstract art so Jerry decided to go it alone.  It was also at this time that Jerry decided to join a Rock and Roll Tour show called The 30 Years of Rock and Roll.  This show consisted of several oldies acts that would go up and take turns singing their hit songs.  Some of the other acts on this tour were: Tiny Tim, Micky Dolenz, Al Wilson, Jewel Akens, Pat Upton (of Spiral Staircase), The Tokens, Mike Pinera, etc.  Jerry only did this for a year as it was a grueling tour driving many miles daily in a bus, just like some of the old rock shows of the sixties.

In 1991, he resurrected the name Sugarloaf for a very short time.  They even went as far as to record six new songs and have bio photos taken but they couldn't get a deal and that's as far as it went.  The songs were never released and the band never performed live.

It was at this time that Jerry and Mike got the idea to form the Classic Rock All Stars.  They talked Dennis Noda, who was the musical director of The 30 Years of Rock and Roll tour into leaving with them, got in touch with Peter Rivera and that's how it came together.  In the very beginning, Micky Dolenz was also part of the group.  Jerry had become good friends with him on the 30 Years tour and asked him to join but he stayed on for only a few shows.  Jack Bruce was also contacted as a possibility on bass, but they passed on him.  At this same time Jerry had talked with Spencer Davis about joining the band while performing in Canada.  He became a member also and it turned out he only lived a few blocks away from Jerry.  Spencer was on the first Classic Rock All Stars disc and it was he who talked the band into making it, going as far as to say he would bankroll it.  The CD is a simulated live show.

Spencer left after being in the band about four years and they became a four piece.  Shortly after, Westwood One contacted the band about recording a live show for their Westwood One Superstar Series.  They recorded a show at the Ventura County Fair on August 25, 1995 and let the band keep the tapes.  That is what the 2 CD show below consists of, with no overdubs.  It is a true live performance.

I was fortunate enough to see The Classic Rock All Stars several times over the years, although that was mainly in the nineties.  There is no question that this group consisted of the very highest caliber musicians.  The songs are classics and they made for an excellent show.  The audiences always loved them.  Click here for some photos I took at a show in Oshkosh, WI on July 31, 1997.

Jerry has recently retired from the music business.


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