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What's New  A page dedicated to keeping you informed of updates and new information in regards to Bob and his bands

Old News   Info that is no longer new but worth retaining from the What's New page

Older News  Same as above only older

Oldest News  Same as above only older

Biography  A brief summary of Bob's career

Music     Sample music clips and order Bob's music

Merchandise    To order Bob's available music

Recommendations  Music items, events, and news that you may be interested in

West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band    The first pro band in which Bob was a member

Superband    Band poster, rare photos, and a 45 of Bob's first recording

Beast    LPs, 45, & Promo Handbill;  N. Petty Production

The Beast page 2  Promo letters, Gainsborough Gallery 45, etc.

Beast Sound Clips  Radio commercials for Beast concerts and song clips from LPs

Sugarloaf Ads    Billboard Ads after "Green Eyed Lady" release

Spaceship Earth    Pics of the LP and various

Spaceship Earth 2  More on Spaceship Earth including rare formats and the promo box

Spaceship Earth Bio  Bio pics and pages for the LP plus commercial

Sugarloaf Ecology Ads    Billboard Ads to promote Spaceship Earth

Tongue In Cheek    U.S. 45, Picture Sleeve, Sheet Music and Advertisement

Sugarloaf Foreign Pressings    Foreign "Tongue in Cheek" Picture Sleeves

Foreign Pressings page 2  Miscellaneous Foreign Sugarloaf items

Mother Nature's Wine    Advertisement for Sugarloaf's second S.E. 45

Sugarloaf Concerts    Handbills, Posters, Tickets, etc.

Concerts page 2   The Grammys, Whiskey a Go Go, Fillmore, etc.

Concerts page 3   American Bandstand, the Hollywood Bowl, etc. 

Concerts page 4   Handbills and pictures, etc.

Miscellaneous Sugarloaf    Other interesting Sugarloaf items

Brother Son    Bio and publicity photos

Brother Son page 2  Excellent concert photos by Dave Wolf

Brother Son page 3  More excellent photos by Dave Wolf

Jingles   Commercials that Bob & Jerry recorded in 1974

Freddi-Henchi Band     Bio and concert pictures

Freddi-Henchi Band page 2  Pictures and memorabilia from the 1995 reunion shows  This is the Freddi-Henchi Band website that was on the web from 2004-2012.  I have permanently moved it to this site.  The two links above this are the FH pages I had up on this site consisting of memorabilia and info from Bob & Jerry before I created in 2004.  The info does not duplicate on any of the pages.  

Glass Art    Pictures of Bob's custom glass work

2D Max    Bio pics and memorabilia

Nightcrawlers    Bio and concert pics, etc.

Turbo Rats      Newspaper clips and photos

Related Artists  A page that will take you to artists connected with Bob. The artists are: Jerry Corbetta, Peter Johnson, The Monocles, The Higher Elevation, Marc Gonzales and John Grove.  These are basically websites for each of the artists all contained within this website.

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