On September 12, 1970, "Green Eyed Lady" topped the singles charts, and the self-titled Sugarloaf LP topped the album charts in Jerry's home town of Denver on the very popular KIMN radio station as they both had done on the previous week also.  I have seen the KIMN survey from October 3, 1970 and "Green Eyed Lady" was still #1 and had been the previous week, which means it was #1 on this station for at least 5 consecutive weeks.  It isn't likely that it topped the charts the following week as "Fire and Rain" by James Taylor made a huge jump from #16 to #2 on October 3.  I will update this if I ever find out.   The Kinks were the featured photo on the front of this week's survey.

Above is the KIMN survey from  September 19, 1970.  The self-titled Sugarloaf debut LP containing the long version of the hit dropped from #1 to #6 on the survey above.  The following week it jumped back up to #3, and on October 3, it was at #4.  On the front of this survey was a close up photo of Joe Cocker at Woodstock.  On October 31, "Green Eyed Lady" was still at #11 with the LP at #8,  and on November 7th it was at #15 while the LP moved back up to #7 on KIMN.

On September 30, 1970, "Green Eyed Lady" topped the charts in Rochester, NY.

The following week it was #1 on KADI in St. Louis moving all the way up from #8 the previous week.

This same week, on October 7, the survey from KHJ LA featured a photo of Sugarloaf with "Green Eyed Lady" moving up the charts to #12.  It would eventually peak at #5 on this station.

It was #1 that week in Minneapolis/St. Paul.

And on October 11, it topped the charts on KAST in Astoria, Oregon.


When I interviewed Jerry Corbetta, he told me it took a long time for "Green Eyed Lady" to break.  He said it was a station in Portland, OR that first broke the song and gave it heavy airplay and from there it made it's way around the states.  Bob Yeazel and Bob MacVittie also told me it was a station in the Northwest that really gave the song the boost it needed.  The survey above is from October 19, 1970 from Portland, OR.  I wonder if this is the station that was responsible.  

It also hit the top spot in Canada on the following week.  This survey is from CHUM Toronto.

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