In the spring of 1995, after being out of the music scene for quite some time, The Freddi-Henchi Band decided to reunite.  Their first reunion performance took place in Denver on April 1.  At first they weren't sure whether this would be a one shot deal.  The performance went over so well that the band continued performing throughout the year with this lineup.  Since then there have been some personnel changes, but The Freddi-Henchi Band continues to draw large crowds and put on excellent shows to this day.  

 Below are items of memorabilia and photos from their June 23, 1995 performance at The Boulder Theater in Boulder, CO.






What could be more fun than spending New Year's Eve with The Freddi-Henchi Band?  Below are two front row tickets and an advertisement for the 1995 New Year's Eve Reunion performance.  I'm sure it was a great time for all that attended and from what I was told, this past New Year's Eve show was as great of a party as ever!

I was asked sometime in early 2004 to put together a website for The Freddi-Henchi Band.  On April 22, 2004 it went live on the internet.  Eight years later I have decided to incorporate most of what was on that site into this site of Bob's.  You can now continue on the journey of the Freddi-Henchi Band by clicking here.  Until now, the next page on Bob's website would have been his Glass Art page.  I have left that link below but you can also continue on the Freddi-Henchi Band pages and at the bottom of the last page; Miscellaneous Photos, there is a link to go to the Glass Art page.  From there you can continue following the links at the bottom of each page and continue going through the entire site.


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