In Mexico, the "Tongue in Cheek" single was issued as a three song EP with picture sleeve as shown below.  The sleeve had the same picture on each side.  On this EP the usual B-side, "Woman" was replaced by two other songs that were also written by Bob; "Rusty Cloud" and "Country Dawg."  "Tongue in Cheek" was the nearly 8 minute complete version, whereas the U.S. 45 was edited to 3:37.

The picture sleeve from France shown below was actually a picture of the pin that was included in the LP promo box set.  The top left corner had a flap for holding the record in the sleeve.  The flap also has the group name and record number.

The Japanese single had the full length version of "Tongue in Cheek," which is quite long considering it is not an EP.  Below is the front of the sleeve.  The inside sleeve includes the lyrics to both songs.  The single was also available in Japan on a limited edition red vinyl 45 with the same picture sleeve.

We very much appreciate Ashley at Records Around the World, taking the time to send us this scan of the very rare red vinyl "Tongue in Cheek" 45.  If you are looking for rare or unusual LPs & 45s, this is the place.  He also specializes in foreign pressings.  If you would like to check out his site or his affiliate's record store that is also at this address, please click here.  Clicking on the hyperlink will take you off of this site.  You will have to use your back button to return.

Below is an extremely rare copy of the white label Liberty Records Spaceship Earth LP on red vinyl from Japan.  It is very difficult to take a photo of colored vinyl and have it do the item justice.  The 45 above is what the red vinyl usually looks like.  The picture below I photographed partially in the sun.  

I'm not sure if a picture sleeve was ever printed in Venezuela, but Liberty Records apparently had a pressing plant in the country.  Click here to see the Venezuelan copy of "Tongue in Cheek" known there as "Beso En La Mejilla" b/w "Mujer."  I'm also not sure if there was a picture sleeve for the New Zealand pressing of "Tongue in Cheek."  The writing around the perimeter and the spindle hole and the fact that it came in a Liberty old stock sleeve are what makes this different from the rest.  The scan isn't very good but you can see it by clicking here.  Oddly enough, in Peru the single was released on the United Artists label and was titled "Conversacion En Voz Baja" b/w "Mujer."  You can see this by clicking here.

Austria and Germany used a different concept for their version of the picture sleeve.  They took the back photo from the Spaceship Earth LP and made the background appear to be dawn on the A-side and dusk on the B-side.


What is this?  It isn't a mistake.  This is an ultra rare EP from Thailand featuring songs by Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Three Dog Night and Sugarloaf.  Back in the late '60s and early '70s, almost all Western music came out in Thailand on mixed-artist, 4-song 45 rpm EPs.  A record player was a luxury and the market for foreign music was small.  Manufacturers made do with what they had, sometimes misspelling artistsí names or using sleeve art from artists not on the EP.  Because of their very low distributions, Thai EPs are among the rarest of international 45 picture-sleeve single releases for the top artists of that era.  This is what Bob said when he first saw it:

I'm on the same record with John Lennon and Paul McCartney!!! Wow! And to cap off the irony, Jimmy is playing keyboards with the other band on the record. This is a mind blowing honor I didn't even know about until today. Simply amazing!!  B.Y.


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