Above is the first foreign pressing that I've found of an item that Bob was involved with other than Sugarloaf.  The Beast album from Italy pictured above differs from the U.S. version in that it was on the Atlantic label vs. Cotillion, although Cotillion was a division of Atlantic.  The red and black Atlantic label was used on this copy.  It also differs in that the word Beast on the front is solid yellow.  On the U.S. version it was mainly green with a hint of yellow.   The cover has the U.S. number and the number ATS-ST 06058, along with the address where it was pressed and printed in Milano.  If you would like to compare it to the U.S. copy, click here.

The single edit version of "Tongue in Cheek" has never been released on CD, but it was released on a very obscure compilation album put out by Liberty Records in 1971.  Oddly enough it was released in Greece only and pressed at Liberty Records in Athens.  Electric Rock 1971 starts off with "Tongue in Cheek" as the opening cut.  It also includes songs by other excellent Liberty artists; Canned Heat, Eric Burdon & War, Johnny Winter, and the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, (mis-printed as the Nitty Gritty Diet Band), among others.  Below are pictures of the LP cover.

Below we have a very limited edition various artists album from the UK called All Good Clean Fun.  It is a sampler double album set that was put out by United Artists in 1971, number UDX201/2.  The Sugarloaf track included on it was "Hot Water" from the Spaceship Earth LP.  The albums contained many different tracks by UA artists that were also on the LP shown above, along with a few other United Artists groups.  The cover of the album shows a drawing of a boy reading a copy of the controversial “OZ” magazine with two older gentlemen looking over his shoulder. The sleeve was made like a pouch to hold the albums.  It also came with a booklet of details on the bands and artists.  If you would like to read the write up on Sugarloaf from the booklet, click on the picture of it (below right).  When you get there if the picture is not enlarged, you may have to move your cursor over the picture of the booklet and click on an icon that will appear.  Then click your back button to return here.


Below are two very rare "Green Eyed Lady" picture sleeves.  The one on the left is from Spain and the one on the right is from Germany.  They both feature alternate photos to the one used on the Sugarloaf sheet music book.  They are shown here because even though Bob didn't play on the record, he is pictured on the sleeves.  Unlike the U.S. 45, Spain used the full length versions of the songs on both sides.  Germany used the U.S. edit on the A-side only.  If you look closely at the pictures below, they are not the same.  The hand positions are different.  They were probably taken seconds apart.   

The Spaceship Earth album was available in many countries using different pressings.  Pictured below are examples of this.  From South Africa is a copy that is not a gatefold but uses the American pressing inside left gatefold picture as a back cover.  The front cover is the same picture as the American LP but the coloring is slightly different, using a more aqua color mixed with brown.

The South Korean copy, pictured below, was also not a gatefold but used the same pictures as the American LP.   It differed in that the entire cover was sepia.

The German issue of Spaceship Earth (not shown) is very similar to the U.S. pressing, it's differences being the record number, the glossy cover, the electric rock sticker, the address of Liberty Records in Germany, and the fact that the record slides into the left side of the gatefold, which is quite unusual. 

By 1986, Capitol Records owned the Sugarloaf and Spaceship Earth albums.  In that year, Capitol Records-EMI of Canada released this very hard to find cassette of the Best of Sugarloaf on their Special Projects series.  Six songs from Spaceship Earth were included on the compilation.


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