Above is a folder from a promo package for Fingers.

Fingers went through seven incarnations.  This is around the time of Santa Fe, Phoenix, and Denver.  It was a big loop route actually that went through Vegas.  We came around every so often.  We were the house band for a month or two and then we'd move on to the next city.  We'd play Playboy Clubs.

Above is a picture taken in Santa Fe, NM. 


We were staying at the Hilton.  We played there about 3 weeks.  I got to pull in a piano in that room and practice.  It was really cool.  We all had tans then.  We laid around in the sun during the days and made $400 a week a piece.  It was the good old days. (laughs)  

Above is another photo from Santa Fe.  This is when we started dressing up to play.

Dick Whetstone; drums, John Leibundgut; bass, Peter; keyboards, Glen Baren; guitar, Chuck Frazier; sax & flute 

For more photos and a newspaper article on the Fairbanks, Alaska NYE gig click here.

Above is in Fairbanks, Alaska.  It's New Year's Eve 1976 .  We actually went outside and that was what it looked like most of the day.  Everybody just drank all the time.  That's when the pipeline was being put in there too, so it cost you $10 for a breakfast of one egg, one piece of bacon and one piece of toast.  We had a hell of a good time up there.  We never knew what time it was.  It didn't matter.  We backed up Freddy Cannon and just played there one night on borrowed equipment.  He threw some chord charts in front of us and said play this and we did.  We were his backup band.  Also Fingers used to back up Cornel Gunther and the Coasters for quite a few gigs in Seattle and San Francisco and a few other towns.

Above is a backstage photo of Cornel Gunther from Peter's collection.

John, Steve Crows, Peter, Jimmy Butler, and Glen

We replaced Chuck, who had moved to Colorado Springs, with Jimmy Butler, who was kind of a heavy metal guitarist.

I was really sorry to hear the news of the passing of guitarist Jimmy Butler on May 31, 2005.  Although I never met him, Peter Johnson told me a lot about his days in Fingers.  I wish I would have had the opportunity to speak with him.   

Above is a photo from the night of the very last Fingers performance.  Peter had decided to end the band two weeks prior.  It was the last time he played professionally. 

John went on to open and run The Daily Bread in Glenwood Springs for 20 years.  He's now retired and living in Oregon.  Glen is in L.A. and is retired.  He's a camera buff.  He was first married to Morgan Fairchild's sister.  That's how I met Morgan.  She gave me a big poster that's signed "L.A. needs you more than Denver."  That is cute.  Glen is remarried now and they have a young daughter.  I'd love to see John, Glen, and I playing together again.

Peter Johnson 11/27/04

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