Favorite Links

www.moonrakers.us  Find out about this excellent Colorado garage band from the sixties.

www.threedognight.com  Jimmy Greenspoon has remained the keyboard player in this band since the very beginning.  This band still rocks and includes original guitarist Michael Allsup, and original lead vocalists; Cory Wells and Danny Hutton.  (Note: Ron Morgan was the actual original guitarist but does not appear on their recordings.)

www.flutejazz.com Click to hear/purchase David's excellent Flute/Jazz music that is available on CD.  David was in the group Brother Son with Bob in 1973-4.   Also see the Williams Flutes link below.

www.williamsflutes.com  The best custom flutes handcrafted by David Williams formerly of Brother Son.

www.mindgarage.com  Excellent psychedelic music from RCA recording artists best known for their Electric Liturgy.  Lead vocals by Larry McLurg.

http://www.artiekornfeld-woodstock.com   Find out about Artie's career and how the original Woodstock 1969 came to be.

http://www.bertsommer.com  A website for a personal favorite artist that passed away long before his time.

www.thestoneband.com  Ira and Maxine Stone's band.  Ira played electric guitar, hammond organ and harmonica with Bert Sommer at Woodstock.

www.spiritinthesky.com  Find out what's new with Norman Greenbaum, the man who brought you "Spirit in the Sky."  This song has been featured in over twenty movies and is frequently played at professional sporting events.  Give his other songs a try.  They are excellent.

www.danacountryman.com  A friend that created Cool and Strange Music! Magazine.

http://www.classicdrummer.com  An excellent magazine focusing on drummers and their equipment. 

www.vintage-electronics.net   A great place to get your vintage audio equipment repaired.

www.cottageviews.com  Find out what the classic rockers are doing currently on the music scene.  

www.bobyeazel.com  Back to Bob's homepage.