On April 25, 1973, Bob Yeazel, Peter Johnson, Jerry Krenzer, David Williams, and Bob MacVittie played their first gig as Brother Son.  

One year and one day later, they played their last gig together as a four piece. Peter had left early in February and went on to form his band Fingers.  For the most part, Brother Son ended at the end of February 1974. However they did rehearse in the early part of April and some enjoyable recordings exist of these rehearsals.  They went back out and did one more week of gigs at the end of April before Bob MacVittie was off to L.A. where he would become the road manager with War.  He also worked with country great, Tanya Tucker.  When David left Denver he returned to his flute teacher and mentor, Paige Brook (associate first with the New York Philharmonic for 37 years) and spent the next ten years expanding his flute technique and repertoire.   Bob and Jerry began working on commercial jingles, which they continued throughout 1974, and in January 1975, they joined the Freddi-Henchi Band

 Below are some excellent concert photos of Brother Son taken by Dave Wolf.  This was a great sounding band with excellent musicianship.  Topping it off was the fact that Jerry, Peter, and Bob Y. took turns on lead vocals with David even doing an occasional lead vocal, adding more of a variety to their sound.  

The following photos are from bassist Jerry Krenzer's personal collection.  Thank you Jerry!

All of the photos were taken at the same show.  Above Bob jams and sings.


The above four photos are of Jerry Krenzer on bass and vocals.   

Above is Peter Johnson adding vocals and playing his baby grand piano.


Above and to the left, is David Williams on sax.  On drums on the right and below is Bob MacVittie who joined Brother Son after leaving Sugarloaf.

The layout on the stage of the particular show above would have been from left to right: Peter on keyboards, Jerry on bass, Bob M. in the back on drums, Bob Y. on guitar, and David on sax and flute.

This band really rocked!  Click on each number below to hear clips of jams from a live show that took place on June 23, 1973.  (Four was live in the studio.)

ONE     TWO     THREE     FOUR

New to the page (05/22/04) are two sound clips (six and seven) from a recently found live show that differs from the show above.  They are very interesting so be sure to check them out.  Number five is a studio recording of a song written by Peter.


Some time between February and the end of April 1974 the mock up below was put together for a Brother Son promo (minus Peter who had left.)  This is from Bob MacVittie's collection.


Click here for more excellent Brother Son photos that were taken when they opened for Rare Earth on June 27, 1973.


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